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2008-07-03 23:10:26 by M14Frodo

It's the summer! That means I'm bumming around looking for a job right now. No luck yet. I finished writing my novel over the school year, began it last summer. Now I'm working on the sequel while I'm trying to get the first one published.

I've decided tonight that I'm going to try to write some scripts for flash movies and work with flash artists to make them a reality. The art has always fascinated me but I've never actually been able to use the program. Maybe I'll be able to write some worthwhile material although scripts aren't exactly my strength. Also going to try to do voice acting when I get back to the radio station. I could use all the practice I can get after not being on air a whole summer.

New Account!

2007-07-18 01:06:45 by M14Frodo

I don't think anyone's going to read this comment but I figured, what the hell? Something to do.

Pretty happy with this new account, not sure if I'll use it much though I've always liked to watch flash movies and seriously form opinions on them. To me this truely is an art form. I only wish I could be cool enough to actually make a flash movie. I've tried. It wasn't pretty. I couldn't even make a stick man dance. So, regardless of how much I like your flash movie, I still respect you for making it.

That being said, I do expect you to at least wait until the flash movie is GOOD enough to be posted on NG. Though I don't plan on commenting on anyone's movie if I don't like it, I'll just vote against it.

That's all for now I think... looking forward to another age of golden flash movies like the days of Joe Zombie, knox, Ed Skudder, and Chris Nosal.